Volume 13 Issue 11

September 1, 2012

Anglerís Tales

Golf & Yacht Club

Port St. Lucie, Florida


Ballantrae Anglerís Club

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Oct. 8th
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We walked the inlet today.† Although I only caught (actually reeled all the way in, removed hook, and released) one good fish, I had perhaps the most fun and excitement doing the walk in many years.


The good fish is a 34 inch Snook (about 20 lbs.), pictured below. The following is how our morning went:


All times are approximate:

4:00 am†† leave for Bathtub Beach


4:30 am†† arrive at Bathtub and begin walk to inlet


5:00 am†† (actually 26 minutes to walk 1.25 miles) arrive at inlet and turn right to first point of three ripple areas of deeper water next to channel)


5:10 am†† reach Point #1...cast for about 10 minutes and begin moving to Point #2.


5:12 am†† encounter huge schools of catfish feeding on minnows near shore.


There is one school after another.† Of course this is all in the dark except for our headlamps showing the action.† Our attempts to cast out and retrieve only resulted in snagging a catfish which were all about 1 lb. in size.† This is the situation all the way to the next Point.


5:25 am†† Arrive at Point #2.† Catfish remain in the shallow water allowing for careful casting into the deep ripples.† Around this time, you can also hear the big Snook begin crashing bait as close in as 5 feet from shore and can be seen in the light.† Continued casting failed to result in a catch.


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